Final Presentation

Final Presentation#

Your Final Presentation will be a verbal presentation in front of the class. It will have two major parts:

  1. Data Science Results

  2. Story of the Experience

Data Science Results#

There are two goals of this part of the presentation:

  • To inform the audience of your research and results

  • To demonstrate your understanding of the data

You will have very few slides with words on them. You will focus on the RESULTS of your research. You will present any necessary background or context that will allow the audience to understand the results.

Explain to the audience what each plot is saying. Explain the significance or lack thereof. Explain how a plot might have lead you to do a different type of investigation.

Do NOT talk about:

  • where your data came from

  • methodology or development process

  • data description

Your Story#

Your Data Science results are colored by your subjective journey through the project. Take two minutes to discuss your personal, subjective experience. Talk about how things went:

  • How did the Challenge Goals impact your project & experience?

  • How did you divide the work with your partner?

  • How did you manage your time? Did you procrastinate? How did that work out?

  • What frustrations did you have? Did that correlate to the size of your celebration once overcome (if ever)?

  • What bugs caused you pain? How did you solve them?

  • What did you learn?

  • What would you do differently?