Website Mission

To provide a site that allows one to “window shop” for the technology and methods that add value to a student in IDP.

This website is intended to augment the CSE 163: Intermediate Data Programming curriculum and online book provided by Hunter Schafer. The UW course is completed in 10 weeks (the length of UW’s quarter) while students in high school have 35 weeks. This mean that the ambitious student has time for some more, cool stuff. Furthermore, the tools leveraged and the expectations in the high school classroom are different from UW’s expectations. Sometimes, the published UW material is simply inaccurate. Herein, we provide valuable, easy to browse, easy to leverage, accurate information for the high school student in IDP.

Mr. Stride has created “this ridiculous” thing… for you.

Things this website hopes to have:

  • NCHS Homework descriptions

  • HW Tips and Tricks

  • Machine Learning extras

  • Plotting extras

  • Final Project description and extras

  • Cheatsheet Notes (maybe)

  • Exam Preparation material (maybe)

Once you are ready to read, you can navigate the book using the sidebar on the left!

Here are a bunch of TODOs for Mr. Stride:

  • Explain how an object can implement __iter__() and return a list of instance fields so that a caller can ‘unpack’ the object into a set of fields. Note that list object is iterable and can also be unpacked. It doesn’t have to be a tuple.

  • Add cross-referencing across the topics so that when an example method uses something advanced, then that can be further discussed in another page/topic.

  • Generators (and recursion in a generator… ouch!)

  • walrus operator

  • decorators: @staticmethod, @classmethod

  • interfaces (how are they different from classes)

  • decorators as found here:

  • closures and nested methods

  • Dictionary comprehensions

  • map, filter, reduce,

  • a summary of good built-in python functions:

  • Math to reverse randomized response

  • 5 stages of research (gather, organize, report, conclude, act or enact policy)

  • confirmation bias (other biases?)

  • “stuff” in my Notes directory

  • prosecutors fallacy, simpson’s paradox, (other things from good videos)