This section will allow you to “window shop” for a good visualization. The content will provide helpful tips on how to create a good visualizations. These are popular plots with nice customizations that proved to be effective in prior Final Projects.


Explanations and code for these types of plots:

  • TimeSeries

  • BarChart

  • Geospatial

  • Line/Scatter


  • Correlation Heatmap

  • Explain when to use:

    • ser.plot()

    • df.plot()

    • sns.lineplot()

    • plt.plot()

    • ax.plot()

  • Explain: figure, axis, grid, markers, ticks, labels, title (suptitle, too), spines. Naming convensions. ( axis.set_{name} where plot.{name})

  • Explain when do figures get reset in Replit (when do we need to do plt.cla() to clear current active axis, plt.clf() to clear entire current figure).

  • Explain how plt.gca() gets the current axis. So there is a concept of the current figure and current axis. plt.gcf() gets the current figure.

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