Final Project Deliverables#

This is an overview of the deliverables at the various stages of your Final Project.

IMPORTANT: You may NOT reuse work that you may have done for another class or club. For example, you cannot take your Data Science project done for TSA. Everything must be new.


During this Final Project you will have four dates to deliver the following:

  1. (20 pts) Discovery Document and Raw Data

  2. (15 pts) Data Organization: Sketches of plots, Reduced Data, Starter Code

  3. (30 pts) Final Code and Report

  4. (20 pts) Challenge Tasks (Due with #2 and/or #3)

  5. (15 pts) Final Presentation

#1: Discovery Document#

You will deliver the following:

  • A Google Document (described here).

  • A Link to a Google Share that holds all your raw DATA. The link will be in the document.

#2: Data Organization#

You will deliver the following:

  • Reduced and partially organized dataset uploaded to Replit

  • Code that partially organizes the data

  • Sketches of target plots

  • Perhaps some Unit Tests (Challenge Goal)

  • Perhaps Web Scraped data or data downloaded via API (Challenge Goal)

#3: Final Report#

You will deliver a polished research document as described here. The document will focus on the plots and the insights they provide.

#4 Challenge Tasks#

The details for these are listed in the Discovery Document.

You will implement and deliver these either with the Data Organization or Final Code and Report deliverable.

#5: Final Presentation#

The Final Presentation will be your story–a verbal presentation of your Data Science results colored by your subjective journey through the project. You will introduce your research topic, provide context and goals. In short, show plots and explain the results. You will have a slide deck that is almost exclusively a collection of the plots that tell a story.

Table of Contents#