Corrupt Replit Project


Corrupt Replit Project#

You may find that your Replit project isn’t building, or that flake8 isn’t running. I’ve got two f-words to describe how that feels, but I’m going to say only one of them: frustrating!!

You can:

  • Restart the server with a kill 1 command.

  • If that doesn’t work, you can Start over by deleting the project and starting over.

  • If the Shell isn’t allowing you to correctly type in commands, type them out in notepad or some other document, copy the text, and then paste them into the shell window.

Sometimes a project gets corrupt when you install packages incorrectly. So, be careful when installing packages such as flake8. Use the command poetry add 'flake8 5.0.4' to install flake8.

Replit is an amazing platform that has been continuously updating. On the flip side, some of these updates have caused regressions and pain. For example, Replit has migrated to using Nix in combination with Poetry to manage dependencies and virtual environments.

Start Over#

Sometimes your project’s configuration can get corrupt and it becomes too difficult to fix. It’s time to start over! But, you don’t need to recode everything. Instead:

  1. Download all your coded files.

  2. In the project’s name dropdown, click the down arrow, click on the vertical dots, then select Delete.
    Delete Project

  3. Restart your project

  4. Drag your saved files into Replit


I’ve discovered a few commands you can run in the shell tab to help understand and deal with issues.

poetry env info: This command gives a brief status of the environment. If there is anything not set up correctly, it will tell you by outputting Valid:  False as shown in this example output:

Python:         3.8.15
Implementation: CPython
Path:           /home/runner/HW3-Pokemon/venv
Valid:          False

Platform: linux
OS:       posix
Python:   /nix/store/5g6y3nzq80fkq54ahan2slc57j6327nj-python3-3.8.15

Typically, the problem has to do with the version of python and packages installed; there are conflicting dependencies. When Replit upgraded to Nix, it attempted to make all the updates automatically. When IDP started, we ran python version 3.8. Today, python is up to version 3.11. In the migration of assignments and checkpoints, folder names and package dependencies got messed up.



poetry show

Provides a list of all the versions of installed packages (or fails if there is corruption).

poetry show numpy

Shows the version of numpy.

poetry add 'flake8 5.0.4'

Installs a specific version of flake8 that is compatible with python version 3.10. In the year 2022-23, IDP used python version 3.8 and flake8 verion 3.9.2.

poetry update

Updates all packages and dependencies

poetry update numpy

Updates the numpy package

git-python error: Recently, when running Unit Tests, I got an error involving “git-python 1.1.1”. I was able to resolve this issue by adding git-python = "1.0" under the tool.poetry.dependencies section in the file pyproject.toml.

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